Jim Cornette (L) with Joe Galli on a NWA broadcast.

There are a lot of wrestling shows out there each week, including WWE Raw on USA Mondays, AEW Dynamite on TNT Wednesdays, WWE NXT on USA Wednesdays, and WWE Smackdown on Fox Fridays. But it’s a more obscure one released on Tuesdays that’s getting attention now, and not for the best reasons. The show in question is NWA Power (stylized as NWA Powerrr) from the Billy Corgan-owned National Wrestling Alliance, and it airs pre-taped broadcasts weekly on the NWA’s YouTube and Facebook pages. Well, the broadcast aired today featured commentator Jim Cornette (seen at left above alongside fellow commentator Joe Galli, the 58-year-old Cornette is a long-time wrestling manager, agent and commentator across a range of promotions, including WWF/WWE from 1993-2005) making quite the remark about wrestler Trevor Murdoch, fried chicken, and Ethiopia (which has had many significant nationwide famines):

That led to a lot of backlash, and to NWA Power pulling the show to “correct this error,” with NWA vice president David Lagana offering this comment:

As WrestleTalk points out, Lagana also recently apologized for Cornette’s comments on suicide back on Nov. 1. So it’s been a good month there. And Cornette’s remarks that aired Tuesday took a giant amount of criticism, with a lot of that focusing on how easy it would have been to pull this from a show like this that’s pre-taped:

There was also some criticism of previous tweets from Lagana:

It’s pretty rare to see something that was edited before air later pulled thanks to criticism, but there’s certainly a giant amount of backlash here. And the taped/edited part of this is definitely notable; this isn’t a case like the Sportsnet/Don Cherry one where live remarks prompted an apology and an eventual firing from a company, they’re remarks that the company was fine with ahead of time and only pulled after they took criticism for them. So this is an “error” they could have corrected ahead of time, but chose not to. We’ll see if anything further comes of this.

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