The Warriors-Grizzlies game came down to the wire but those who had Sling TV may have had difficulty watching the end. It was revealed by Phillip Swann of @TVAnswerMan that multiple Sling TV users were reporting that the Warriors-Grizzlies feed went down in the middle of the fourth quarter.

Sure enough there were multiple tweets, many directed at Sling’s Twitter accounts, that the feed cut out with about five minutes left in the game.

Sling TV doesn’t have local channels (except for Fox and NBC in certain markets) so this isn’t as simple as watching ABC. Instead, if Sling TV subscribers have the orange package, they’ll have access to ESPN3 which simulcasts sporting events if they’re on ABC. It’s an effective workaround if you’re only interested in watching sports on ABC. When it’s operational.

For Sunday’s outage, the most common complaint was that the broadcast stopped when the game went over its original time slot. With Bucks-Nets running late and the lengthy review process for Draymond Green’s ejection, it’s not a surprise that Warriors-Grizzlies went late as well.

The @slinganswers Twitter account was suggesting users log into WatchESPN or the ESPN app with their Sling credentials so while it was inconvenient, it was a solution nonetheless.


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