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It turns out the cable bundle never truly died, it was just hibernating before awakening with a new name.

On Tuesday, Comcast announced it was launching a new bundle called StreamSaver that will include the company’s Peacock streaming service along with Apple TV+ and Netflix.

Details of the service, including pricing, remain sparse, though StreamSaver will be available to all of Comcast’s internet, TV, and mobile customers.

“Those three products will come at a vastly reduced price to anything in the market today and will be available to all our customers,” Roberts told the MoffettNathanson Media, Internet & Communications Conference during a session that was webcast on Tuesday.


“We’ve been bundling video successfully and creatively for 60 years. And so this is the latest iteration of that and I think will be a pretty compelling package,” Roberts told investors.

The announcement about Comcast’s StreamSaver comes after Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery announced a streaming bundle of their own launching this summer. Pricing on the Disney+/Hulu/Max bundle has also not been announced.

Disney and WBD are also teaming up with Fox on a live sports streaming service expected to launch later this year.

All of these bundles launching must be a headache for customers, but it also might enable some of us to save money. If you already subscribe to everything, either by desire or necessity, you could end up condensing some of these subscriptions into bundles and end up in a better financial place. For others, the lure of only paying a little bit more in order to receive access to more content might be too much to pass up, driving increased subscriptions.

At the same time, plenty of streaming subscriptions are already being subsidized by cell phone providers and credit card companies, among others. Would a bundle potentially be enough to overshadow those savings? Only time will tell once more details are revealed.


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