“Philly” is a proud city that hosts four professional sports teams. All of them have won national championships, with the last one being the NFL in 2017 by the Philadelphia Eagles. This year might also turn out to be a championship-winning season for one of the teams. Let’s have a look at their potential going into 2022.

Philadelphia Eagles

After missing the playoffs of the 2020 season the team is now back into the final stages of the tournament. The team almost missed it but managed to qualify through a wild card as the team with the worst record. In the fight for the NFC Conference the team will have to face Tampa Bay and Tom Brady in the first round of the playoffs. 

Losing their last three games against the Buccaneers, including one during this year’s regular season, the Eagles went into the game as heavy underdogs against the defending champions. This season’s game ended with a small 28-22 win for the Tampa Bay squad. So, it may seem as if the Eagles have a chance of an upset victory. 

With good odds being offered for them to win, this should be a sports bet to keep a close eye on. 

Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers have not won an NBA championship since 1983, but have been improving over the past years, entering the playoffs for four years in a row. Their former star player Charles Barkley has criticized the team and called them the Cleveland Browns of Basketball. Since then, his opinion about the team should have changed, with the Sixers winning the division title in 2021.

The addition of Joel Embiid to the roster has helped the team improve since his debut in 2016. With him averaging around 27 points per game it looks like the team will enter the playoffs for the fifth time in a row. It’s hard to believe that the team will be able to win their conference this year and proceed to the finals. The Bulls, Nets and Bucks will be the favorites in every game they play against the Sixers for the conference title. 

Philadelphia Flyers

Since winning back-to-back Stanley Cups in 1975 there has not been much to celebrate for the Flyers. They did go all the way to the Stanley Cup finals in 2010, where they lost to the Chicago Blackhawks. With a losing record so far this season it does not look as like the team will reach the playoffs this season. Right now, the team can only look at their rivals Pittsburgh Penguins with envy, as they are the top Pennsylvanian team.

Philadelphia Phillies

Created in 1883 the team is the oldest team that still has its original name and has played in the same city in its entire history. It took almost 100 years before they won the first World Series in 1980 but has since been able to take one more win in 2008. The 2022 season is hard to predict now, as there is an ongoing lockout in the MLB due to the lack of a collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players’ union

Let’s hope that an agreement is reached, so Philadelphia can enjoy another one of their proud sports teams on screen and in person.