Sports has always been about celebrating the excellence of human physical ability, inspiring the masses, and creating a communal spirit, but even though the sport stays largely the same, the way we consume and participate in sporting events has drastically changed due to technological advances.

The love of sports is as passionate as ever, but the way we interact with sports has changed and will continue to change as technology is proceeding to shape our lives. How has the sports industry changed and how will technology influence the sport of the future?

Fair technology

There are many advantages to technology within the sports industry. Our use of technology has made it possible to be more precise when judging a game. With tech-assisted refereeing, it has become easier for the referee to be fair and right in his judging. Furthermore, technology protects the players.

Smart helmets, for instance, know when a player is having a concussion, making it possible to detect a head injury immediately and thereby preventing further injury to the player. In the future, technology will surely have a bigger influence on sports, including the way we watch sports. Virtual reality might become the normal way of watching a game, making it possible for you to get first seat tickets to every game.

A new community

Although the pandemic has made it difficult for sports fans to gather at their favorite sporting events, some aspects of the industry have grown popular like never before. Sports betting has been on the rise for a while now, but during the pandemic the number of bets has increased dramatically.  Many are forced to stay at home for their own safety, but they too want to feel the thrill of standing in the grandstand of the stadium, others are simply bored in quarantine and wish to make their daily life a bit more exciting.

Sports betting at books is a sure way of getting yourself more involved with the sport without even leaving your house. You can find a digital sportsbook online and start betting from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, sports betting creates a sense of community. Even though sports fans can’t cheer on their favorite team on the stadium, they can still feel like they are a part of the game when betting at home. The advantages of technology have turned sports betting into a promising industry with continuous growth.

Influencing the sport

While sports betting is becoming more popular, social media is also influencing the world of sports. TikTok star Addison Rae posted a picture of herself in which she appeared to be a live reporter for the UFC. Although this turned out to be a stunt by Rae, it may be a small glimpse into the future of sports.

Influencers are moving into many different fields, including sports. In August of 2021 the YouTube stars Jake and Logan Paul participated in boxing matches against former boxers. This shows a change in the sports industry, affirming that sport is entertainment as well as a business. Influencers have a massive reach and can attract more people to events, even people who are not passionate sports fans.