We’ve all been there before, we’ve lost our keys and can’t seem to find them. It is one of the worst feelings in the world and the anxiety only gets worse when you can’t figure out where they have gone. You may think you have a bad lost keys story, well ESPN’s Ian Darke may top them all.

During the USA-Cuba game, which may have had the worst conditions anyone has seen during an international friendly, Taylor Twellman, color commentator for ESPN chided Darke to tell the story about his missing keys.

It may have produced one of the best moments from the entire game.

He left his car engine running for three hours. He not only lost his keys, he forgot to turn the car off as well. What a feat. For such an ugly game, Twellman should probably be named the man of the match. He surely saved all of the viewers at home from boredom.

As for Darke, let’s hope for no more elderly moments but maybe we can hope for more stories as he knows how to spin a yarn.

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Sam is a self proclaimed chess prodigy. He once placed seventh in the state of Ohio in Chess when he was in kindergarten. He will rarely if ever mention though that only eight people were entered in this tournament. Contact him at sblaze17@gmail.com

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