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A portion of the country loves to be angry with the United States women’s national team, which caused Colin Cowherd to notice a trend.

The USWNT has faced a lot of political backlash since getting booted from the World Cup in a Round of 16 shootout loss against Sweden Sunday. And as Colin Cowherd discussed the USWNT falling short in winning an unprecedented third consecutive World Cup during his Monday afternoon show, the Fox Sports Radio host determined Republicans are angry.

“They say as you get older – this is what they say – I’m not sure who ‘they’ is, but as you get older in life, that you get more conservative,” Cowherd noted before excluding himself from the club. “I don’t know, it’s not happening. I’m not angry enough. Republicans these days are mad at everybody. Bud Light, Disney, wokeness, Joe Biden, and the United States Women’s National Team. Or are they happy? Apparently, because Megan Rapinoe missed a penalty kick and didn’t collapse into a puddle of tears, they are very upset.”

Many Republicans were mad at the USWNT for using their platform to take social and political stances. Many of those Republicans are now happy that the team representing their country was knocked out of the World Cup early because they individually vocalize their opinions.

Imagine hating beer, the most magical place on earth, and a team that represents the USA all in the name of America.

No country has ever won back-to-back-to-back World Cups. The USWNT should be lauded for accomplishing the rare feat of winning back-to-back World Cups, and they should have received the country’s full support as they attempted to win their third in a row. Instead, critics blast the players for merging sports with politics by calling for social equality, commenting on transgender athletes participating in sports, and fighting for equal pay from the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Although they were cheered on social media by the “go woke go broke” crowd for getting knocked out of the World Cup, the USWNT still garnered plenty of interest and support, drawing substantial viewership during their matches despite less than ideal start times.

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