The Universo announcers weren't too excited about this bicycle kick.

We’ve seen plenty of announcers getting excited for moments both significant and not quite so significant, but it’s maybe funnier and more unusual to see announcers not that excited about something cool. The latest case in the later category comes from the U.S. men’s beach soccer team’s 8-6 loss to Switzerland at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Thursday, which featured a tremendous goal on a bicycle kick from U.S. player Nick Perera. But as Fox’s Rob Stone pointed out Friday, the Universo announcers didn’t seem that excited about it:

That really is a remarkable amount of deadpan from the Universo announcers over this kind of a highlight. Yes, bicycle kicks are more common in beach soccer than regular soccer, but still! That does help counter the old stereotype about Spanish-language soccer announcers being excited about absolutely everything, though. Perhaps Kent Brockman has shifted to Spanish-language announcing these days…

[Rob Stone on Twitter]

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