Sky News World Cup coverage

Journalists know that interviewing random fans during or after a big game is always a bit risky. They never know when they’ll get a raging lunatic, or someone gleefully dropping the F-bomb on live TV.

A Sky News reporter learned that lesson the hard way Friday. The reporter set up outside the stadium at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar to interview fans after Iran defeated Wales, 2-0.

His first encounter with a Welsh fan got off to a terrible start when the reporter opened with, “Guys, sorry, live on Sky News, your reaction to the win?”

The fan did not break stride, saying only, “We lost,” as he walked away.

The reporter apologized for his mistake before turning to the next fan: “Reaction to the loss?”

“Ah, s–t,” the fan said, as he kept walking.

“Apologies for the language,” the Sky News reporter told his audience.

Mahyar Tousi, who shared the clip on Twitter, concluded “13 seconds of TV gold on Sky News.”

At least Welsh fans have had something to celebrate in Qatar after Wales played the United States Men’s National Team to a 1-1 draw in their opener Monday. Wales returns to action on Tuesday against England.

[Mahyar Tousi]

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