fifa ray hudson

There’s nothing in sports like an over-enthusiastic soccer announcer calling a cool goal.

Ok fine, how about an over-enthusiastic soccer announcing calling a dozen straight cool goals?

To promote the new FIFA 17 video game, EA Sports enlisted beIN Sports commentator Ray Hudson to narrate some of the best goals users have scored since the game came out in September.

Some of these calls are incredible:

“He’s in his gunslinger pose, but what’s he got in the chamber? Ahhhh, it’s a silver bullet that hits the bullseye.

“He sees his teammates. He needs them like a fish needs a bicycle.”

“He’s in the box, twisting and turning like a drunk snake, turning defenders into practice cones.”

Now, can someone tell me what in the world Hudson means by, “A reborner to make an onion cry.” Did I hear that wrong? What is a reborner? And why would an onion cry? Onions make people cry, they can’t cry themselves.

Anyway, this video is incredible, and hopefully there will be more like it in the future. Like, every day.


Now all we need is Hudson to take over as FIFA’s play-by-play voice to bring these bombastic calls into the regular game experience.

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