Peter Crouch slips taking a shot on TNT Sports in the UK. Screengrab via Twitter.

Peter Crouch was a popular Premier League striker for several teams, most notably Liverpool throughout the 2000s. Known for his 6’7″ frame as a giant in the box, Crouch was actually pretty good with his feet too, as evidenced by his perfect hat trick against Arsenal in 2007.

That skill was not on display Saturday while Crouch was covering the Wolves vs Liverpool game at Molineux.

The former striker was working the game for the new TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) in the UK that launched in August. Crouchie was having some shooting practice while talking about the game and needless to say, it didn’t go according to plan.

He might want to grab the old soccer cleats next time…

Crouch had a pretty great reaction on social media afterwards to the viral moment.

It just wouldn’t be as good of a blooper reel moment if it was a man of normal height now, would it? Crouch was also famous for his robot celebration back in his playing days, maybe he can just demonstrate that next time for his own personal safety.

At least for Crouch’s sake, it’s not the most infamous slip in the history of Liverpool Football Club. That unfortunately would fall to Steven Gerrard.