jurgen klopp-liverpool-manchester city

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had good reason for excitement Sunday, after his club topped previously undefeated Manchester City in a 4-3 English Premier League thriller, days after selling star Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona.

However, Klopp may have taken is enthusiasm just a bit too far during a postgame interview on NBCSN, when he joyfully explained that, “You can look at it as a manager and say we could have done this and that better, or you look at it as a football fan and say, ‘What the fuck was that.'”

NBC play-by-play commentator Arlo White, apologized for the F-bomb, prompting Klopp to say with a smile, “I thought in America it’s OK.”

The NBCSN crew seemed to take Klopp’s cursing in stride, even if some of that laughter might have been of the nervous variety. Sometimes you just have to let someone be happy.

And by the way, it’s kind of cool that Klopp believes Americans are laidback about profanity on TV. That’s not particularly the case, but it’s nice that he thinks so.

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