It has been way, way, way, way, way too long since we featured our favorite crazy Italian soccer announcer, Tiziano Crudeli. As a crash course for those visitors that might be new to the site, Crudeli is an announcer for Italy’s Direttastadio. This is a show that doesn’t show actual soccer games, rather it shows analysts watching games themselves and providing commentary from the studio. Except it’s not really traditional commentary, it’s a lot of excited yelling and screaming from super fans of the major Italian teams. Imagine Bill Simmons doing one of those Grantland/Ringer live chats during a game broadcast except there’s a gas leak in the room, yet they still do commentary anyways.

The most notable of those commentators is AC Milan supporter Tiziano Crudeli, who has been featured on this site many times before. Here’s his latest classic reaction to a goal scored by Carlos Bacca that tied a recent game with Torino at 2-2.

You’re thinking what I’m thinking – with a reaction like that, Bacca’s goal has to be a Goal of the Year candidate, right? He must have dribbled through the entire defense from the halfway line like he was Leo Messi.

Well, not quite… he just scored a penalty.

That successful penalty led Crudeli to yell out Bacca’s name some 39 times by my count. Never change, Tiziano.