Young fan flashes double bird during FA Cup semi-final Photo credit: ITV

Coventry City may have lost Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final match to Manchester United, but one of their young fans won the broadcast.

Apparently, Philadelphia Eagles fans aren’t the only ones with kids running around flashing the double bird at pro football players, Coventry can officially boast the same claim to fame. After rallying back from a 3-0 deficit to force extra time in Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final, Coventry fell to United 4-2 in the shootout. During the shootout, Coventry captain Ben Sheaf sent his kick over the crossbar, opening the door for United to score and advance to the final.

Naturally, Coventry fans were heartbroken by the miss from Sheaf. But maybe none more heartbroken than a young fan who was prominently displayed on the international broadcast hitting their favorite football club with a double bird salute.

The announcers didn’t note the salute, but it was impossible to miss. Without the grand gesture, viewers would probably be feeling a little bad as they watched the young fan have their FA Cup hopes crushed in real time. But the double bird quickly flipped the narrative of this scene from “awe” to laughter.

The fan had to have been less than ten years old. Which gives credence to Eli Manning’s claim that as quarterback for the New York Giants, he got the double bird from a nine-year-old Eagles fan.

To this point, Manning’s claim has been somewhat of an urban legend. Everyone takes Manning at his word on this one, but there’s no photo evidence of a kid flipping the double bird. Until now. Because if kids are flipping pro football players the double bird in London, why not Philly too?


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