There have been plenty of cases of media outlets reporting a death that didn’t happen, including famously with Mark Twain in the late 19th century (although his actual response was just “The report of my death was an exaggeration“). The latest case of this is with prominent Italian soccer agent Mino Raiola, and it’s happened to him at least twice in the last few months. On Thursday, a report that Raiola had died appeared to start in Italian media, and then was picked up by a lot of verified accounts. Here are some examples of that:

Some accounts even put together tribute graphics:

Several newspapers initially reported that Raoila was dead, too, including Spain’s Marca:

And even official club accounts like Real Madrid put out tributes before later deleting when they found Raiola wasn’t dead.

Raoila’s prominent list of clients throughout European soccer meant his “death” was big news in multiple countries. Which led to a lot of reports in different languages that he’d died, followed by corrections that he hadn’t. Here’s how one Dutch outlet handled that:

“Is niet overleden” does sound cooler than “isn’t dead.” But yes, Rodriguez (who works with Raiola) confirmed that while Raiola is sick, he has not passed away. And Raiola himself followed that up with a tweet.

Meanwhile, at least one doctor at the hospital where Raoila is being treated isn’t happy with the press here:

We send our best wishes to Raiola. And promise not to add to the list of people prematurely reporting his death.

[Mino Raiola on Twitter]

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