The French Ligue 2 soccer season came to a close on Friday afternoon, and the final promotion place was in the balance until the very end.

Those are intense dramatic stakes, and when you combine intense dramatic stakes with foreign soccer broadcasters, you have a recipe for a magical result.

That’s exactly what we got, as Amiens had a goal-scoring opportunity in the 96th minute of the season finale:

If I could transcribe the French, I would, but it’s essentially just a ton of screaming, and that’s the best part, obviously.

In France, promotion and relegation works similarly to the EPL system, but instead of teams 3-6 going into a playoff, the third team will face off against the best Ligue 1 team facing relegation in a playoff, so it’s possible only two teams get promoted. That goal meant Amiens is one of those two teams, so you can imagine how big of a deal it was, and if you can’t imagine that, just watch the players react and listen to the call.

Well done, sir, your vocal chords have not been shredded in vain.

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