The EPL may have finished up its season today, and European leagues in general may have finished up this weekend, but MLS is still going strong.

No one (aside from Don Garber) would say MLS displays soccer on par with those leagues, but that doesn’t mean the occasional highlight-level play can’t come from American soccer. And that was exemplified today via LA Galaxy/Mexican national teamer Giovani Dos Santos, who finished a cross with, well, whatever you want to call this to open the scoring against Minnesota United:

Good golly, that’s a great goal!

It’s a bit reminiscient of Olivier Giroud’s goal of the season contender for Arsenal:

Dos Santos has been a very good player for a long time now, despite the occasional slide through various European benches and occasional ostracism from the Mexican national team.

This goal demonstrates why he’s still so effective; he’s able to find space, and has innate ability to put the ball exactly where he wants it to go. Was there a bit of luck involved? Sure, as with any soccer goal, really, especially audacious attempts like this one. But if something involves luck, that means it’s rare, and rare is normally entertaining when it comes to sports.

Update: Twellman has confirmed that he did, in fact, lose his mind:

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