Becky Sauerbrunn is joining the Men In Blazers' The Women's Game vertical for a "Good Vibes FC" podcast with Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams. Becky Sauerbrunn is joining the Men In Blazers’ The Women’s Game vertical for a “Good Vibes FC” podcast with Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams. (Men in Blazers.)

The Men in Blazers Media Network continues to expand their coverage of women’s soccer. In January, that digital brand (founded by Roger Bennett and Michael Davies in 2014) brought in former USWNT midfielder Sam Mewis as editor in chief of a new The Women’s Game vertical, with current USWNT striker Lynn Williams also joining then. That’s led to the launch of a The Women’s Game podcast hosted by Mewis with guests from around the women’s soccer world, plus YouTube shows such as Friendlies with Sam Mewis, a weekly newsletter, and dedicated social channels.

Now, that The Women’s Game vertical is launching a new Good Vibes FC podcast hosted by Mewis, Williams, and a new addition, current USWNT captain and defender Becky Sauerbrunn. This was announced on Friday, March 8, International Women’s Day, with the first episode set to be released on Tuesday, March 12. The podcast is presented by good-for-you soda brand OLIPOP, which is doing this as part of a larger partnership with the Men in Blazers Media Network.

And this is part of that network’s larger plan to create the same amount of men’s and women’s soccer content by the end of 2025. Here are some quotes on the Good Vibes FC launch, and how that fits into the overall plan, from a release:

“I am so excited to be joining Sam and Lynn at ‘The Women’s Game’ and to cover the women’s game from all corners of the globe,” said Becky Sauerbrunn. “It is remarkable how far soccer fanhood has come in this country, with supporters wanting to follow not only the USWNT, but also the NWSL and international leagues all over the world. I’m so proud of what Sam is building with the Men in Blazers team, putting real resources into robust coverage.”

“Becky Sauerbrunn and Lynn Williams bring so much passion and knowledge to their craft that fans will not only have fun listening to us but will learn a lot about the game, said Sam Mewis, Editor-In-Chief of The Women’s Game. “The Women’s Game platform on the Men in Blazers Media Network is building something special and unique with its coverage of the women’s game. From the NWSL, which kicks off on March 16th, to the English Women’s Super League which is setting attendance records, and everywhere in between, we will have a full network of correspondents around the world covering every kick of the ball.”

“The women’s game is growing so fast around the world,” said Men In Blazers founder Roger Bennett. “Our goal is to create the same amount of men’s and women’s content by the end of 2025 as football continues to surge in this nation as we charge towards the 2026 World Cup. We are so grateful to welcome OLIPOP and partner with brands that share the same commitment to helping elevate the storytelling and passion for the Women’s Game.”

“After announcing our partnership with the Kansas City Current last year, we were blown away by the love and support we saw from fans of the team locally. We wanted to double down on women’s soccer this year, so we are delighted to announce that we will be a founding partner of The Women’s Game, and specifically ‘Good Vibes FC.’ The Men in Blazers team is as authentic as it gets in the world of media — they are incredible partners to the brands in their ecosystem and they have built an insane level of trust within the U.S. soccer community. Our goal is for OLIPOP to be synonymous with women’s soccer and Men in Blazers will be integral to helping tell that story,” said Steven Vigilante, Director of Growth and Talent at OLIPOP.

Sauerbrunn previously worked with Men in Blazers for a six-part show ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup last summer. That tournament also saw Mewis (who missed playing in that World Cup due to injury) host the Men in Blazers Twitch commentary show for the event. And that paved the way for her to announce her retirement in January and come on with the network full time then to lead the The Women’s Game vertical.

It’s notable to see Men in Blazers continue to grow their women’s soccer coverage, and to see USWNT captain Sauerbrunn join them. And the Good Vibes FC lineup is intriguing: between Sauerbrunn, Williams, and Mewis, there’s a mix of different positional experience and different levels of international experience, and it may be interesting to see how Mewis’ perspective as a former USWNT player lines up with the perspectives from those still on the team.

The first Good Vibes FC episode will come out Tuesday on YouTube and all major podcasting platforms. Men in Blazers is also launching a separate The Women’s Game podcast feed and YouTube feed, which will include the The Women’s Game podcast, Good Vibes FC, Friendlies, post-game reaction podcasts, and more. So that should help all their women’s soccer content be easier to find. We’ll see how this new podcast fits in with their existing coverage.

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