AFTV (fka “Arsenal Fan TV“) is one of the most popular YouTube fan channels in sports. While some people question the fandom of the regulars given that Arsenal losing is beneficial for their business, there’s no doubt that these people are passionate and there’s usually a regular whose views represent the larger Arsenal fanbase.

One of AFTV’s former regulars won’t be on the show anymore after not only being convicted for stalking and kidnapping his ex but had his sentence tripled after the original sentence was found to be too lenient.

Liam Goodenough (aka “DT”) is set to serve three years in prison after originally being sentenced for 12 months with a 10 year restraining order. In a statement on the UK government’s site, Goodenough stalked his ex by threatening suicide to get her brother to reveal her location as she was on a date. Goodenough “verbally abused” and “dragged the victim out of the hotel room to his car” saying that “he had a knife and that her son was in the vehicle.” Goodenough also assaulted the person who was with her and “proceeded to photograph her in a state of undress.”

Solicitor General Alex Chalk felt that Goodenough’s sentence was unduly lenient and sent the case to the UK Court of Appeal. They agreed that Goodenough’s sentence was lenient and raised his sentence to three years.

While he stopped being a regular this past July, DT came back on New Year’s Day and was interviewed for his thoughts on the Arsenal-Manchester City game. In a statement on their Twitter account, AFTV revealed that DT would be banned going forward.


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