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With the kind of web presence Annie Agar has created for herself over the past year, it seemed like it wouldn’t take long for a sports network to notice and offer her a job. In one of her self-created parody Zoom meeting videos, Agar revealed that she will be heading to Chicago to work as an NFL and college football correspondent and host with Bally Sports.

If you’re a sports fan and you have been on social media over the past year, chances are you came across at least one of Annie’s Zoom meeting parody videos. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Agar has created her own content for her social media channels where she dons shirts from various NFL and college football teams and impersonates them as if they were in a Zoom meeting. Her videos are creative, they’re funny, and Agar knows her stuff as she satirically goes through each team’s respective quirks with pinpoint accuracy on each viral clip.

Over the past year, Agar’s social media presence has jumped from having a little over 2,000 Twitter followers to over 155,000, in addition to having over 175,000 TikTok followers. What began as something done for fun quickly became a viral sensation over a summer when there was a lack of sports. In a story with The Athletic last September, Agar revealed that her intention wasn’t really to promote anything but it could potentially turn into something that could get the then-freelance sports reporter firmly into the sports media industry.

That seems to have paid off. It’s tough to not only get in the sports media industry but advance as well. This past year has been more difficult than usual so it’s always nice to see someone utilize their creativity to get themselves noticed and fill a role that others didn’t think of. That’s just what Annie has done and she’s being rewarded for her hard work.

[Photo: @AnnieAgar]

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