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True crime has been a rapidly growing genre in the podcast market. After Serial launched in 2014 and experienced millions of downloads, it drew rave reviews and even got Adnan Syed’s conviction overturned (and also eventually earned him a true trial). The genre then exploded, as many other outlets realized the appeal of true crime stories that haven’t been too deeply explored.

Sports Illustrated’s True Crime series announced the subject of its latest season on Wednesday – the murder of ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair. The former Titans and Ravens star was found dead on July 4, 2009, along with his mistress Jenni Kazemi, in what police ruled a murder-suicide.

However, there are still questions about the case, and SI’s podcast, hosted by Tim Rohan, will attempt to get to the bottom of the case.

Right away, though, McNair’s and Kazemi’s friends and family have a ton of questions—about the motive, the murder weapon and the crime scene—and so they turn to a former Nashville cop named Vincent Hill, who’s started investigating the case on his own.

Nine years later Hill is still chasing chilling new rumors and uncovering fresh leads. In Fall of a Titan—a podcast presented by SI: True Crime and Cadence 13—host Tim Rohan uses Vincent Hill as a guide, re-examining the case in a new light and exploring the question: Did Jenni Kazemi really kill Steve McNair? ​

Here’s the audio trailer.

In McNair: Fall of a Titan, Rohan looks at the murder and investigates whether Kazemi actually killed him. Rohan explains in the trailer how a former Nashville police officer named Vincent Hill had his doubts about the case, and began an investigation on his own after feeling like the Nashville police department dropped the ball on its investigation. This leads to Rohan talking to the friends and family of both McNair and Kazemi and exploring just what the hell exactly happened to Steve McNair and Jenni Kazemi.

Episodes will be available each Wednesday, starting October 17.

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