Kevin Garnett KG Certified

NBA legend Kevin Garnett played against LeBron James during his peak years, so he’s seen up close what James can do. And while James is now 38, and his best days are behind him, Garnett is adamant he’s still among the very best in the league today.

The KG Certified Showtime Basketball podcast host went nuclear on Paul Pierce, a longtime friend and former teammate, on this week’s show after Pierce appeared to diss James.

Specifically, Pierce argued that James is not among the top five NBA players today.

That set Garnett off.

“What? LeBron ain’t top five in the league?” Garnett asked incredulously. “Name five other players better than LeBron right now.”

Pierce named, in order, Luka Dončić, Nikola Jokić and Joel Embiid before Garnett cut him off.

“No, no — I ain’t picking none of these ******* over LeBron,” he said.

“Giannis [Antetokounmpo] and [Jayson] Tatum,” Pierce continued.

Garnett was just getting warmed up.

“You get your garbage *** out of here,” Garnett said. “What the **** is you talking about, ******? You act like you don’t even know basketball.”

Garnett continued with an expletive-filled defense of James.

“You talking that goofy ****,” Garnett told Pierce. “Respect. ******* 38 and still doing it.  The **** is you talking about?”

If Garnett talks to his friends like that, it would be a bad idea to have him for an enemy.

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