DeMarcus Cousins’ decision to sign with the mighty Golden State Warriors isn’t exactly on the level of The Decision when LeBron James announced he was signing with the Miami Heat, or to a lesser extent when James recently signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Still, it was a surprising twist in an already twisty NBA free agency season. That’s good enough to warrant a docuseries from Showtime, who basically announced as much when they released the footage of Cousins’ finalizing his one-year deal with the Bay Area squad.

“Bada bing, bada boom. Bada bing, bada boom. Bada bing, bada booooom. Yeah, it’s done. Aight, bet. Aight, aight. I’m a Warrior.”

According to a tweet from Showtime’s account, they’ve been “with him all the way” and will show viewers the process that led up to Cousins signing with the best team in the league.

The docuseries will likely be very similar to the ones Showtime has done recently with New York Giants’ wide receiver Victor Cruz and Philadelphia Sixers star Ben Simmons. In each, the series delves into what made the athlete who they are today, what kind of struggles they’ve been through, and what their most recent career decision means moving forward. The series will also likely focus on Cousin’s torn Achilles tendon, which is sure to keep him out of action until at least December.

No word yet on when the docuseries will air but it sounds like at least one person is set to watch.

Showtime has made a pretty solid name for themselves in the world of sports documentaries. Between series about professional wrestling, MMA, and college football, they’re covering a lot of bases and attracting audiences from across the sports spectrum.


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