The best satire is satire that feels almost plausible, and therefore credit must go to The Ringer’s Michael Baumann for his Twitter joke about Trevor Bauer’s ostensible recovery process.

That’s good! It’s obviously a joke, but it’s the kind of joke that sends up Bauer’s eccentricity and, uh, possible distrust of the government. But surely no one could read Baumann’s tweet and think it was actually serious reporting!

Except for, no, MLB Network did exactly that, sharing a screengrab of the tweet and presenting it as a report last night:

Deadspin has video of the moment. Baumann immediately pointed out the actual nature of the tweet:

Because Trevor Bauer has rabbit ears bigger than the antennae on his drones, he immediately caught wind of the incident, and he was not pleased.

And you know what? Trevor Bauer has a rare point! He also mentions ESPN ran with it too, and if they did (even just on the Bottom Line) that’s just as unfortunate as MLB Network. This isn’t even falling for a fake account, this is misreading an obvious joke from a baseball writer who isn’t even really a newsbreaker. Because it’s Trevor Bauer, though, he had to press the issue further:

It’s not really damaging for Bauer as much as it is for MLBN and any other network who ran with it. They’re the obvious butts of the joke in this scenario. But Bauer has an intense lack of faith in the media, so he’s currently setting the record straight (even though, again, it’s already straight.)

That’s right media! If anyone’s going to damage Trevor Bauer’s reputation among his peers and people in the industry, it’s going to be Trevor Bauer himself! For his part, Baumann seems pretty annoyed at how it’s spun out of control:

And there we have it. It was a joke so well-measured that it managed to make it to air, where it got back to the original subject. We’ll have to wait and see if Trevor Bauer gets those apologies he asked for.


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