The Divisional round is arguably the best NFL weekend on the calendar, and in a season of positive ratings news for the league, the totals for the four games mostly continued that trend.

With four games on three networks (it was CBS’s turn to double-dip with Titans-Ravens and Chiefs-Texans), both primetime games carried the night for CBS and Fox, respectively. In reverse order, here’s Fox’s PR release on their Sunday night game, which featured an average total delivery of 38 million viewers.

By the traditional measures, the main Fox broadcast still won the night, easily, with an 8.6 rating in the 18-49 demo. Earlier on Sunday, CBS had the thrilling Chiefs-Texans game that saw Kansas City fall behind 24-0, and then saw the Chiefs outscore Houston 51-7 over the rest of the contest.

Going back to Saturday, the Titans upset over the Ravens won the night in primetime for CBS, as you’d expect.

And NBC’s afternoon broadcast, the numbers there also impressed.

All in all, the league’s rights partners probably don’t have many complaints today.

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