There is no gas shortage when it comes to sports radio studios around the country, but usually, any flatulence that occurs does so with the microphone off. Not the case for Philadelphia radio host Ike Reese.

Reese broke wind on-air this week and there was no real need for a fartgate investigation. After the incident, the former Eagle and now longtime host at SportsRadio 94WIP went on Twitter to admit his guilt.

“BREAKING: I let one go on air today(didn’t cut the mic off first)” Reese tweeted. But that didn’t stop WIP’s other shows from fully examining the incident.

Unless you caught it live, WIP was going to make it difficult to hear the fart, with the afternoon show declining to share the moment on Twitter despite Reese already admitting to the infraction. Making the audio harder to find, WIP’s afternoon program doesn’t podcast full shows and that day’s episode wasn’t available via the Audacy app rewind button.

Luckily, if you’re interested in hearing the moment Reese broke wind on-air, WIP’s morning and midday shows replayed and discussed the incident the next day.

Click the audio above to hear WIP’s morning show with Angelo Cataldi give a full recap of Reese’s bodily function, with the actual gas release being played at the 22:29 mark.

The fart by Reese occurred while his co-host Jon Marks was talking. Marks appeared to stall a bit after the sound of a loud trombone echoed throughout the city of Philadelphia. But maybe that was just my mind playing tricks on me because Marks joined WIP’s morning show and claimed he didn’t hear the fart live.

More importantly, Marks didn’t have to deal with any immediate aftermath because he was broadcasting in a different studio from Reese. Marks even defended Reese, blaming the gas on pizza that was consumed just 45 minutes earlier. A true radio partner.

Sure, there is a level of immaturity to writing about a radio host farting on air. But you clicked the article. And letting one rip without hitting the cough button to mute your mic is a definite example of awful announcing.


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