For any sports fan or media member, the opportunity to meet Vin Scully would undoubtedly leave you with a story to tell for life.

The pinnacle of sportscasting, at 94 years old and with a broadcasting career that spanned 67 MLB seasons for the Dodgers, the stories that Scully has to offer are endless.

Thursday morning on WFAN, Boomer and Gio host Gregg Giannotti recalled his lone, but certainly memorable encounter with Scully. According to Giannotti, he was eating in the press dining room at Dodger Stadium, likely in 2009. Scully walked by and Jay Horwitz, the Mets PR director at the time, offered to introduce Giannotti to the legendary broadcaster.

After the introduction by Horwitz, Scully bypassed any hellos or pleasantries and jumped into what Giannotti was likely expecting to be one of his legendary stories. Maybe he’ll talk about calling a Jackie Robinson at-bat, living the Dodgers move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, beating the Mets in the 1988 NLCS, or Tommy Lasorda. Nope.

“You guys have a catcher named Omir Santos,” Giannotti recalled Scully saying. “I’d never seen the name Omir before, so I asked the young ladies here working in the cafeteria that speak Spanish, ‘what does Omir mean?’ And they all put their hands collectively over their mouths. And one of them whispered to me, ‘penis.’ Omir apparently is a slang word for penis. You guys have a catcher named penis.”

And after dropping that most bizarre piece of information, Scully walked away. Mic drop. I can’t imagine Scully’s newfound interesting fact about Omir Santos made its way onto the broadcast that night. I also can’t confirm if the information is indeed a fact.

After a quick Google search, I did not find any reference to Omir meaning penis in Spanish. I admittedly don’t know how to speak Spanish, so someone who is better informed would have to comment on whether Scully was provided credible information on the meaning of Omir, or a word that sounds like Omir.


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