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As reality sets in that Aaron Rodgers won’t be taking another snap for the New York Jets this season, distraught fans have the option of turning to WFAN’s Brandon Tierney for solace.

After months of pomp and circumstance surrounding the Aaron Rodgers-led New York Jets, the four-time NFL MVP finally made his regular season debut Monday night. The Jets have tried this before, bringing in the likes of Boomer Esiason, Neil O’Donnell, Vinny Testaverde and Brett Favre.

Despite that history of failures with veteran quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers was supposed to be different. And then it happened, after just four snaps, Rodgers was carted off the field with a torn Achilles tendon, seemingly ending the Jets’ season.

But Jets fans have options. You can be like Mike Greenberg and myself, cowering in the corner, weeping at the sight of Aaron Rodgers being carted off the field after just four plays. Or you can be Brandon Tierney, a man’s man who refuses to accept defeat, demanding the Jets maintain the very Super Bowl aspirations Aaron Rodgers gave them, even though Rodgers is no longer there.

Tuesday morning, Tierney showed up to his WFAN radio show pledging allegiance to Zach Wilson and sounding ready to put the Jets on his self-admitted bad back en route to a playoff run.

“Four plays in, he’s done,” Tierney acknowledged of Rodgers to his listeners and WFAN co-host Sal Licata. “Do not tell me that the season is over…GET UP! Stop walking around work like a LOSER! Get your act together! We’re playing until January! There is no way that I’m tapping out now! NO CHANCE!”

“If you didn’t kill us last night, we are UNKILLABLE!” Tierney continued. “I have Zach’s back. I’m not saying Super Bowl, but I am saying PLAYOFFS with Zach.”

Monday night was a great win for the Jets, overcoming the loss of Rodgers and battling back from down 13-3 to beat the Buffalo Bills in overtime. But as the joy of that victory wore off, reality set in that the Jets are once again without a quarterback. Tierney is either one of the few people who still believes in Zach Wilson, or he’s stuck in the denial stage of grief after watching the Jets Super Bowl hopes die just four offensive snaps into the regular season.


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