Rich Eisen reacts to Harrison Butker's commencement speech. Screengrab: ‘The Rich Eisen Show’

Count Rich Eisen among the voices in sports media who are speaking out against Harrison Butker’s controversial claims that he made at a private Kansas college last week.

Lisa Guerrero and NFL Network’s Jamie Erdahl took aim at Butker on social media. But Eisen took a different approach. He and his wife, Suzy Shuster, who was on The Rich Eisen Show Thursday, both reacted to the Kansas City Chiefs kicker’s comments.

“For the ladies present today, congratulations on an amazing achievement. You should be proud of all that you have achieved at this point in your young lives. I want to speak directly to you briefly because I think it is you, the women, who have had the most diabolical lies told to you.

“How many of you are sitting here now, about to cross this stage, and are thinking about all the promotions and titles you are going to get in your career? Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world, but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.

“I can tell you that my beautiful wife Isabelle would be the first to say that her life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and a mother. I am on this stage and able to be the man I am because I have a wife who leans into her vocation … It cannot be overstated that all of my success is made possible because of a girl I met in class back in middle school, convert to the faith, become my wife and embrace one of the most-important tiles of all: homemaker.”

“You’re terrific at so many things,” Eisen told Shuster. “Seriously, though, you’re great at so many things. And the idea that somebody like you could be sitting in a commencement ceremony, or our daughter could be sitting there, and somebody gets up and says that sort of thing to someone like yourself or your daughter.

“It’s just outrageous. It’s completely outrageous. And I know you’ve been having your fun with it throughout this program, but for those who are basically saying, ‘He has his right to say…’ Of course, he has the right to say whatever he wants to say.

“And that might be his belief system, but to say that people who are about to receive their diplomas are being lied to diabolically because they’re being told that some title that awaits them through their hard work isn’t as rewarding as sitting at home and being a mother, or being a homemaker. And you have many moments that you cherish as being a mom, but you’re also a professional.

“And you’re the greatest multi-tasker I know anywhere. And the way that you hold up our family — I can’t believe I’m turning this into a testimonial right now — but it’s true. The way that you hold up our family and hold your own as a professional, as our children like to remind me, you’re the only one in the family with an Emmy award.

“It’s just an outrage.”

“No. 1, I’m lucky because I have a partner…We have someone who helps me be able to realize my ambitions in life. But also, my heart hurt for those girls sitting there because they have so much potential ahead of them, and they can do whatever they want to do,” Shuster said. “And I have such close friends who chose to make their lives about homemaking — and that’s wonderful. I’m happy for them because I wouldn’t begrudge anybody of their choice to be a homemaker, to be a mom, to go to work, to do whatever.

“But, I just don’t know why people have to try to put people in their places. Just let people live — and encourage. That was what I took away the most, aside from the fact that his mother is a brilliant scientist, so she did both.”

With their nuanced and candid discussion, Rich and Suzy highlighted Butker’s perspective’s limitations. They underscored the importance of individual choice and finding fulfillment in all aspects of life. That’s why The Rich Eisen Show has its rightful place as one of the better daily programs in sports media.

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