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In the world of sports talk radio, you’re only as hilarious as your next caller. This week, 94 WIP in Philadelphia found that out in a big way.

The Philadelphia Phillies are riding high. They own the best record in Major League Baseball, 34-14. They’re an impressive 19-8 at Citizens Bank Park and 15-6 on the road. Philadelphia is 14-3 in May, no less.

To put it mildly, it’s been an incredible month for the Phillies.

On Tuesday, Philly radio host Spike Eskin (the former WFAN program director) and his co-host Ike Reese welcomed “Chuck From Worcester” onto the show. What followed was an all-timer of a call.

“I’ve been hearing a lot of this throughout the last couple of days,” Chuck said. “People bring up the losing streak in ’64, but let me just add something to that. I was a sophomore in high school the year that happened.

“…It was the kind of year that was bizarre. We’re coming off a couple months where they shoot a president and there was a lot of apprehension there,” Chuck said, saying the team didn’t have a lot of fans at the ballpark due to apprehension over the JFK assassination. But there was a key point, according to Chuck From Worcester.

“The key thing, with about five or six days left before the end of the season – they release the Warren Report,” Chuck pointed out. “And everybody’s waiting all summer for this! And everybody’s waiting all summer for this because nobody wants to believe there was a conspiracy.”

That compelled Eskin to ask the all important question. “Chuck, are you a single bullet theory guy?”

“I believe there was a conspiracy,” Chuck said. “You think it was CIA?” Eskin asked. “I do believe,” Chuck said, before going on even more.

“Jimmy Hoffa definitely supplied the rifles for that thing,” the caller said. “And Spike, let me say something to you. … Trust me, it was a bizarre time, Spike, because the apprehension with just shooting a president…”

Eskin and Reese looked at each other after Chuck from Worcester hung up. “That is the greatest caller we’ve ever had,” Eskin said.

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