Packers' announcer Wayne Larrivee tweeted this photo of a broadcast "table" he improvised at Hard Rock Stadium.

Even at NFL stadiums, visiting teams don’t always have great broadcast setups. Sometimes, announcers have to do some improvisation. The latest case of that comes from Green Bay Packers‘ radio announcer Wayne Larrivee, who tweeted a photo of his rather unconventional setup at Hard Rock Stadium Sunday ahead of the Packers’ game against the Miami Dolphins (the first game in the NFL’s first-ever Christmas Day tripleheader this year):

That does seem unusual that there wasn’t a table placed there, and it’s unfortunate that Larrivee had to improvise this way. But it is impressive improvisation. He did also mention that this is one of many challenges with the visiting broadcast setup at Hard Rock Stadium, including that location in the corner of the end zone:

And when asked how this ranks in terms of worst broadcast locations in the NFL, Larrivee placed Hard Rock Stadium close behind the Washington CommandersFedEx Field:

Larrivee has been the radio voice of the Packers since 1999, and has made a lot of memorable calls for them. He also currently calls football and basketball for Big Ten Network, and has worked there since that network’s 2007 launch. Some of his other work over the years includes radio play-by-play for the Kansas City Chiefs (1978-84) and Chicago Bears (1985-1998), and TV play-by-play for the Chicago Bulls (1991-2008).

Thus, Larrivee has seen a lot of different stadiums and broadcasting setups over the years. And that makes it more impactful still for him to place Hard Rock Stadium near the top of his worst NFL broadcast location rankings. Hopefully his improvised setup will hold up for Sunday’s game.

[Wayne Larrivee on Twitter]

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