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Nearly five years after obliterating James Dolan on WFAN, Maggie Gray admits there were conversations about her job security behind the scenes.

Gray joined the latest episode of the Awful Announcing Podcast, where she touched on a variety of topics including her current show on CBS Sports Radio, succeeding Mike Francesa at WFAN, covering Kyrie Irving, and criticizing James Dolan.

Nearly five years ago, Gray slammed Dolan over an absurd song he wrote about his friend Harvey Weinstein. In the song titled, “I Should’ve Known,” Dolan was seemingly addressing the sexual assault charges Weinstein was accused and later convicted of. Lacking any sort of self-awareness, Dolan apparently expected to be praised for the song, but Gray instead called him out as a “vile piece of trash,” which she later admitted was too personal. Dolan responded by banning MSG’s personnel and businesses from appearing on WFAN or any station owned by parent company Entercom, now known as Audacy.

During the Awful Announcing Podcast interview, Gray was asked whether she was concerned about her job at WFAN after Dolan retaliated.

“Oh yeah. I mean, definitely. Definitely,” Gray said. “And I appreciate that Audacy stuck by me at the time because that was a very delicate situation. When one thing that I said has these ripple effects in the company, and to people who weren’t even on the sports side, on the music side as well because Dolan owns so many music venues. But I was very appreciative that they stuck with me.

“I thought they would because they had been supportive of me the whole time, even the day of, when I did say that about him, when I called him that name, which got too personal, and I’ll totally admit that. But yeah, I was definitely worried. Absolutely. And I know there were obviously some conversations that happened, so I appreciate that Audacy stuck by me.”

Gray ended up keeping her job at WFAN and has since moved over to Audacy’s CBS Sports Radio where she hosts a national afternoon show with co-host Andrew Perloff.

Although Dolan never publicly lifted his restrictions on Audacy, he was in studio with WFAN’s Craig Carton and Evan Roberts earlier this year, ironically enough to discuss the facial recognition software being used to ensure his critics are kept out of Madison Square Garden. According to Gray, she had no issue with WFAN welcoming Dolan into a studio down the hall from where she was hosting her show with Perloff, calling it a “smart radio move.”

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