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An original from the Seattle Mariners has passed away.

Julio Cruz, who played second base with the Mariners for the first seven years the team was in operation and later played with the Chicago White Sox, died Tuesday at the age of 67. According to the Seattle Times, Cruz died of cancer.

In a statement, Cruz’s family revealed that he was surrounded by his loving family and said, “Julio shared his kindness and humor generously, and we know he is beloved in the baseball community and beyond.”

Cruz moved back to Seattle after his playing career ended and had been the Mariners’ Spanish language radio broadcaster since 2003. As a player, Cruz played with the Mariners from 1977 to 1983 and was a base stealing specialist. Cruz had 290 steals with the Mariners, which is only second to Ichiro. Cruz was traded to the White Sox where he was instrumental in turning around their 1983 season. After playing a few more seasons, Cruz retired in 1986.

Cruz’s death was felt throughout the baseball community, especially among those in Seattle and Chicago, as many paid tribute to The Cruzer.


[Seattle Times/Photo: @Mariners]

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