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The ripple effects of Jon “Stugotz” Weiner nearly becoming the program director at WFAN in New York City are still coming out, and this week Stugotz took on WFAN hosts Sal Licata and Brandon Tierney after they tried to take a cheap shot at him and cohost Dan Le Batard last week.

After Stugotz turned down the WFAN job earlier this month, he slyly emphasized that he was not beefing with the two WFAN midday hosts before crushing their bona fides as radio hosts and indicating he could have and would have done their jobs better than they do, if not for the fact that the midday slot wasn’t quite his preference.

“All three shows do a great job,” Stugotz said Monday on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “It’s why I wanted to take the job. That station is incredible. Where you can put any two people in a four-hour window and have them talk about a bunt, and boom, 10-shares. It’s insane.

“But they do a good show. So I don’t know why Sal has beef with me. He always thinks I’m coming up to take his stuff. I’m not taking your stuff, I was going to be your boss. I don’t need to be anyone’s boss at this point in my career, I can be my own boss … it’s classic Sal.”

Licata and Tierney turned a conversation about the New York Knicks’ playoff matchup into a chance to dump on Le Batard (who they called “LeBaTurd”) and Stugoz (who they called “Ugotz” for an unknown reason) after New York avoided a matchup with the Miami Heat.

“It would have been fun to be able to beat those guys,” Licata said. If it sounds goofy and ridiculous, it was. From the poorly chosen nicknames to the preposterous idea that the two WFAN hosts do not know who Le Batard or Stugotz are, it was a clear plea for attention.

However, once Stugotz worked himself up, he couldn’t let it go.

“I mean, please. If I did a remote (broadcast), if I did an appearance side by side against Sal and Brandon Tierney by myself with no promotion except a couple of tweets, I am telling you I would outnumber their promotion by at least 5,000 people,” Stugotz said. “I said it. But I don’t want their jobs. I wanted to help them become better at their jobs. That’s all.”

Stugotz then revealed a personal conversation he had with Licata last year. He told Licata how proud he was of him for carrying out his childhood dream of working for WFAN after growing up in New York listening to the station.

“It was sincere and I meant it,” Stugotz said. “Now whether or not I would have fired him if I took the PD job is another thing. But I had that conversation with him when I was doing mornings … and I really am happy for Sal.”

Licata waited years to get an opening, and took over on middays last year when Tiki Barber joined the afternoon drive slot.

“Even though that spot should have went to me, it went to Sal,” Stugotz said. “I’m super happy for him. Whether or not he believes it is up to him, but I’ve said it to him 1,000 times.”

After Le Batard reminded him he initially said he would sit out the beef, Stugotz brought the hammer down.

“I’m getting older, I don’t want beefs,” Stugotz said. “But make no mistake about it, he says one more word, I will end his career.”

[The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on YouTube]

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