Philadelphia radio host John Kincade, a three-time cancer survivor, celebrates six months cancer-free after battling stage three colon cancer. Screengrab: 6abc Philadelphia

After being diagnosed with cancer for a third time, John Kincade temporarily stepped away from his morning show on 97.5 The Fanatic.

But Kincade didn’t let last year’s colon cancer diagnosis deter him. In a recent feature by 6abc Philadelphia, Kincade said that he’s living proof — three times over — that cancer research saves lives.

“Life will throw you curveballs, and I’ve certainly had my share of mine,” he said. “I am a three-time cancer survivor — two of those happened in the ’90s. I had non-Hodgkins lymphoma, which I survived. And within less than two years of my recovery, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.”

Driven by his dream of becoming a sportscaster and a nagging fear of his own mortality, Kincade took a part-time radio job. The pay didn’t matter; he just wanted to break into broadcasting, even if it meant hosting a sports talk show.

“Little did I know that cancer would let me live another 26 years, and then it would come back knocking at my door,” he says.

In the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles’ heartbreaking Super Bowl LVII loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Kincade felt an unusual level of fatigue.

Already a two-time cancer survivor, Kincade was keenly aware of his body’s messages. Following his doctor’s advice, he underwent tests expecting to find ulcers. However, the diagnosis was much more severe – stage three colon cancer.

“There is only acceptable outcome: victory over cancer,” he added.

Kincade received fantastic news this past week; his latest blood test showed no signs of cancer, and he’s been clear for six months.

“I feel like I’ve run it off three times, so I’m not tempting fate,” Kincade said. “But, at least I know that I’ve got the fight in me because I ain’t going down without a fight.

Kincade is feeling better and better every day, which is certainly encouraging news. With a clean bill of health, he continues to grace the morning airwaves on Philadelphia sports radio.

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