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Women’s sports have never been hotter, and that has brought a new player to the media landscape.

iHeartMedia and Deep Blue Sports + Entertainment announced Tuesday they are partnering to create the Women’s Sports Audio Network, the first audio network devoted exclusively to women’s sports.

The network will be ad-supported and free to users. It will feature podcasts, sports news, daily shows, spotlights, social media content, and more.

WSAN will be available across iHeart’s broadcast, digital, and podcast platforms.

The new network announced two personalities have signed on to the venture thus far: ESPN’s Sarah Spain and WNBA legend Sheryl Swoopes.

The network’s launch comes at the perfect time, as women’s college basketball posted record-setting TV ratings last season, and even sportsbooks reported record interest in the sport. The growing interest has spurred more media coverage, which in turn has boosted ratings. So a women’s sports network seems like the next logical step.

“Women’s sports are on fire and so is audio. The timing is perfect to deliver on the massive fan excitement today and most importantly use the power of iHeart’s massive audience reach to ensure women’s sports gets the attention it deserves,” said Gayle Troberman, iHeartMedia’s chief marketing officer. “We all win when the athletes, the fans and the brands get to play together every day in the biggest audio arena on the planet at iHeart.”


[iHeartMedia; Photo Credit: @goals_sports_]

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