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This week, New York Mets owner Steve Cohen made the mistake of responding to a Mets blog on X about tearing down the team’s roster. Cohen quickly deleted the post, but not before New York sports fans were already ripping him for making excuses and entertaining the idea of a tear-down. Longtime local radio host Don La Greca spoke directly to Cohen on Thursday in a rant degrading the owner’s credentials.

In response to Cohen’s social media antics, La Greca said on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York that Cohen’s fanboy act is “fraudulent” and requested the owner cut it out.

“Here’s the dirty little secret, Steve. No one knows who you are,” La Greca said. “I don’t know if you’re any good at this, but you have money, so we’re happy.”

La Greca said fans are only concerned with Cohen to the extent that he will spend money to improve the baseball team. Beyond that, the passion he may have for the team or his knowledge of how to build a roster is secondary.

“Stop with the fughazi baseball hat and ‘I’m a fan,’ stop. It’s all fraudulent, it’s not true,” La Greca added. “You look like a fool … don’t pretend to be something you’re not.”

Leave it to an old-school sports radio host to cut right to the core of how fans feel. Address the owner directly, appeal to his personal pride and rich-guy bona fides, and be the voice of the people in the stands.

For years, Cohen has gotten himself into hot water by going too far in comments to media and on X. La Greca is tired of it, and many Mets fans must be too.

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