Don La Greca Credit: The Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York

ESPN New York host Don La Greca took it personally when Giants offensive tackle Evan Neal got into it with fans this week.

Neal on Wednesday doubled down after mics heard him egg on home fans during Monday Night Football to boo louder. He told, “Why would a lion concern himself with the opinion of a sheep? The person that’s commenting on my performance, what does he do? Flip hot dogs and hamburgers somewhere?”

Apparently, La Greca didn’t take too kindly to Neal demeaning Giants fans. In an angry, screaming rant on The Michael Kay Show on Wednesday, La Greca called Neal’s and called the offensive tackle “a piece of human trash.”

“I’d rather have a guy that’s flipping hamburgers block than your piece of garbage ***,” La Greca roared. “Who the hell are you to talk to fans like that, you piece of garbage?”

After he got his rage and profanity out of the way, La Greca explained that his actual issue was with Neal insulting the fans who support the team.

“These Giants fans were here before you, and they’ll be here after your sorry *** is cut,” La Greca added. “What a piece of human trash.”

La Greca then instructed Giants fans how to give Neal a taste of his own medicine.

“Don’t stop booing him,” La Greca encouraged. “If he goes to the Pro Bowl, boo him. If he wins a Super Bowl, boo his sorry ***. Screw that guy!”

It’s been a trying season for New York radio hosts coping with Giants and Jets seasons that are already slipping away (once again). Our hearts go out to La Greca in this difficult time.

[The Michael Kay Show on YES Network]

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