Dan Shulman Dan Shulman leaves a gracious message for Jon Sciambi, who is calling the World Series for the first time on ESPN Radio.

Dan Shulman has been the voice of Major League Baseball on ESPN in some way or another for a long time. But this season marked the end of Shulman’s run as the voice of the network’s radio coverage for the World Series.

Last year, ESPN decided to tab Jon ‘Boog’ Sciambi as the next voice of the World Series on ESPN Radio. The arrangement made at the time didn’t seem to bother either side, especially not Shulman, as Awful Announcing wrote:

As Marchand notes in that piece, both broadcasters seem fine with this. Shulman is also the TV voice of the Toronto Blue Jays on national network Sportsnet in Canada, and Sportsnet’s national MLB rights mean that Shulman would have the opportunity to call the Jays there if they went to the World Series. And Marchand notes that Shulman has signed a new contract with ESPN for college basketball only, reportedly by his choice. 

And so while Shulman expressed that he would miss the job, it came as no surprise perhaps that the sportscaster had nothing but kind words for the arriving Sciambi, who joined the radio both for the 2023 World Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers.

In a video that ESPN PR published, Shulman discussed “passing the baton” to Boog in the booth and appeared gracious and thankful.

Shulman’s full statement can be read below:

“Boog, it’s your old buddy Dan Shulman from up in Canada. S-h-u-l, no C, but I digress. I’m so excited you’re finally getting a chance to call the World Series. Other than, of course, Game 5 of 2018 when somehow remotely you poisoned me with strep throat and got to call the last pitch. But, you know, water under the bridge.

Anywho, you’re so deserving of this. You’re so, so talented and I can’t wait to listen to you call the World Series between the Rangers and the Diamondbacks. I hope you get a seven-game series, I hope it goes right down to the final pitch and it’s as exciting a finish as any World Series as ever been. You deserve that.

From all of your friends up here in Canada, me, Hud, everybody else. From all the listeners who appreciate what you do so much, have a great call.”

That’s a lot of class and dignity displayed by Shulman, an ultimate professional move toward Sciambi, who’s met the moment thus far on the call.


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