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If you thought Mike Francesa’s retirement tour from radio was too long, wait until you hear about Dan Patrick’s.

In Jan. 2016, Francesa went on Garbage Time with Katie Nolan and announced he was going to retire from WFAN Dec. 2017, jumpstarting a near two-year retirement tour only for him to ceremoniously return in May 2018. Patrick saw Francesa’s premature retirement announcement and raised him.

Four more years! Patrick shared the “breaking news” on his radio show Wednesday morning, casually revealing plans to step away from the microphone in Dec. 2027.

While ogling the prospect of winning the $1 billion Powerball jackpot and the possibility of splitting the money amongst the show’s cast, Patrick noted, “but we’re all going to continue working.” Which prompted the question, how much longer is the 66-year-old Patrick planning to work?

“Four more years,” Patrick said definitively. “No, I’m like the Supreme Court. I’m just gonna stay here forever. I’m like Clarence Thomas, I’m just getting gifts,” he joked.

Dannette Marvin Prince wasn’t buying Patrick’s claim of four more years, “I didn’t believe you, not one bit because in four more years, you’ll be like, ‘Guys, just four more years. And then that’s it!’” Which is probably what most of their audience was thinking. Four years is a lot of time for Patrick to decide he’s not ready to retire.

“Here is the breaking news. So, four more years in December, that’s how long I’m gonna do this for,” Patrick reiterated. “Four and a half years, I’m gonna do this…by January of 2028 I will be on The Golden Bachelor. That’s it. That’s all I’m doing. That’s when the microphone gets turned off for the final time.”

Four years is still a lot of time for someone to change their mind about whether or not they want to retire. But Patrick will be 70 years old at that point, which sounds like a good round number for someone to target retirement. The four-year retirement tour should be fun. And while it’s longer than Francesa’s, it still pales in comparison to Jim Nantz who has repeatedly stated he will retire from The Masters in 2036.

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