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Chris Wittyngham, the Executive Producer for Dan Le Batard With Stugotz, announced that he plans to step down from his position.

Wittyngham made the announcement during Tuesday’s broadcast of the popular sports talk radio show. He also left a very lengthy tweet thread on the matter as well.

“As mentioned on today’s postgame show, I will be stepping down from my role as Executive Producer of @LeBatardShow and stepping back from my role in the show generally. I will still be connected to Meadowlark in other capacities and cherish my relationship with this great group,” Wittyngham tweeted.

He went on to wax poetic over Michael Ryan Ruiz, Le Batard, and Stugotz. The latter of which Wittyngham said were mentors from him since the first day he arrived.

He left the thread by praising the audience and his coworkers.

“I’ll miss the audience, who has far as I’m concerned love me universally because I muted everyone who said something mean. But most of all. I’ll miss my coworkers. Just loved going into the building every day and laughing.”

Recently, Chris Wittyngham has served as a play-by-play commentator for the MLS, specifically on Apple TV on their MLS Season Pass, starting in the 2023 season. He was previously on the call for Inter Miami CF as well in years prior.

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