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After 14 years, self-admitted controversial sports radio host Dan Dakich will no longer host The Dan Dakich Show on 107.5 The Fan in Indianapolis.

Thursday afternoon, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star tweeted an email sent by The Fan’s operations manager David Wood, informing staff that Dakich was no longer with the station. Doyel tweeted a screenshot of the email at 3:47 pm.

“Today was Dan Dakich’s last day with Radio One. We wish him well in their future endeavors,” the email from Wood read.

Less than 10 minutes after Doyel’s tweet, Dakich tweeted out his own statement to announce his exit from The Fan. While Dakich will no longer host his midday show on Urban One’s 107.5 The Fan, he will continue to host Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich on the Clay Travis-founded Outkick. Dakich, a former college basketball coach and ESPN analyst, has been broadcasting his brash opinions on Outkick since last year.

“Given the success of my show, Don’t @ Me on Outkick, and the busy holiday season, this is the perfect time to focus on one show and to make it the best I can possibly make it,” Dakich wrote in his statement. “I can’t thank all the listeners enough for 14 years of unbelievable fun and controversy.”

Most people hate losing a job during the holidays, but good for Dakich to be able to keep a positive mindset about his future. Note to radio hosts everywhere, a random Thursday in December is the “perfect” time to leave your show.

Among the “controversy” cited by Dakich in his announcement was a five-day suspension in 2019 from Emmis, which previously owned The Fan. Emmis cited “a failure (in 2018) on Dan’s part to adhere to the journalistic principles valued by Emmis,” when they handed Dakich the suspension. He garnered controversy again in 2020 when he called a high school basketball player a “meth head” and threatened to “beat the hell out of every school board member.” In 2021, ESPN investigated a Twitter feud between Dakich and a college professor who accused him of misogynistic comments and doxing her. Dakich parted ways with ESPN later that year.

In his exit announcement, Dakich did not state whether he was leaving on his terms or the terms of the radio station. The Indy Star, however, categorized Dakich’s exit as a firing. However Dakich would later post the tweet below which seems to indicate the Star was walking back it’s wording on his firing although the timing of it certainly still very suspect.

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