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Colin Cowherd has given a lot of takes throughout his radio career, but today, we were blessed with what he dubbed his “best take ever.”

No, this wasn’t another red wave prediction, a hot take about backwards hats or professional athletes needing wives to be successful. Cowherd’s “best take ever” does, however, feature one of everyone’s favorite sports topics, Aaron Rodgers.

“America, I want you to listen,” Cowherd began before declaring the Green Bay Packers should trade Aaron Rodgers to the Seattle Seahawks. “Tell me I’m crazy on this!”

Co-host Jason McIntyre took Cowherd up on the offer. “You’re crazy on this.”

“This thing popped in my head a minute ago, and it’s my best take ever,” said Cowherd, a native of Washington. “Aaron could live in a tent out in Kirkland. It’d be great. Psychedelic tea on the weekend. No state tax, I think Aaron would love the Pacific Northwest.”

In Cowherd’s defense, as unlikely as Rodgers getting traded to Seattle seems, especially after recently signing a three-year, $150 million contract with Green Bay, how would we have responded if the Fox Sports Radio host was spewing Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hot takes three years ago?

“Best take I’ve ever had in the history of the show right there. And by the way, unprepared!” Cowherd boasted of his Rodgers proclamation. “The light switch doesn’t go off, just ‘pew-pew-pew,’ things coming out of here fast!”

To be fair, this wasn’t a prediction by Cowherd. So it may not deserve to be exposed by Freezing Cold Takes when Rodgers retires without ever suiting up for the Seahawks. But labeling anything his “best take ever” might be Cowherd’s hottest take yet.

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