Chris Russo

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo doesn’t think the word “scumbag” is appropriate for 3:15 in the afternoon. At least that’s what he told a caller to his radio show, Mad Dog Unleashed, on Monday afternoon.

Taking calls on the weekend of NFL and MLB games, Russo got on a tangent with a caller who called NBC studio commentator Rodney Harrison a “scumbag” over Harrison’s over-the-top criticism of Jets QB Zach Wilson on Sunday night.

Russo responded definitively:

“Let’s not use that kind of language here, please. We’re not using that, OK? About anybody.

“This is a sports show at 3:15 in the afternoon. This is not 11 o’clock at night, trying to get clicks.”

Russo understood the frustration with Harrison but refused to allow such a deplorable word as “scumbag” to be used on his program, even by a caller.

“What you think about that person, fine. You don’t say that. Not here. Not on this show.

“This is a family-oriented show for the most part. Let me do the screaming. That’s not right.”

And then Kenny from Springfield, Mass. got his chance. On to the next caller. No wiggle room. “Scumbag” is just simply a bridge too far.

It is reasonable to make sure we understand Russo correctly here. But there’s no other way to take this than the mildly derogatory “scumbag” is truly too big an insult in his book to be said on his airwaves.

Not many others would have that word on their censorship guide, but Russo lives by his own rules.

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