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Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has a “burr up his fanny,” in case you were wondering. But now that you know, you should at least read on to find out what’s causing the irritation.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and Dog wasn’t able to spend it with his son Colin Russo because his flight home from Wisconsin, where he goes to college, was canceled. Burr, right up the fanny.

“Colin Russo did not get home this weekend, so I got a burr up my fanny on Delta Airlines,” Dog ranted on SiriusXM Radio show, as only he can. “I’m getting off the deep end here, but Delta should be embarrassed that all of America couldn’t fly anywhere for the last three or four days. 22 percent of flights canceled on Thursday, 18 percent of flights canceled on Friday.

“Hey Delta, I don’t need an apology to NBC. Your job is to make sure you get a plane to Madison, Wisconsin, and get my kid home FOR FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND!”

It’s unfortunate that Dog wasn’t able to spend Father’s Day weekend with his son. But we were the real losers in this situation. Last year, Russo said his kids gifted him edibles, and the tightly wound sports host admitted to occasionally eating one before walking the dog on Friday evenings.

I don’t know if Colin Russo was planning to boost his father’s stash of edibles, I also don’t know that we will ever see what Dog is like after eating a gummy. But even if Delta erased the 0.001% chance of Russo showing up to First Take on Wednesday with a pocket full of gummies as Stephen A. Smith screamed ‘STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEEED,’ then we are all losers in this situation.

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