Danny Parkins

Chicago sports radio host Danny Parkins has emerged as a recognizable voice in the field. Formerly starring in Kansas City, Parkins joined 670 The Score several years ago in Chicago and has taken that ball and run with it.

But Parkins became involved in a tense and seemingly confounding situation this week.

92.3 The Fan in Cleveland recently invited Parkins to help promote a new book the radio host has out. Parkins claimed on his show to his cohost Matt Spiegel that they invited him to talk, but not on their morning drive show. Instead, he wound up on their post-show podcast.

Ken Carman and Anthony Lima, the hosts of The Ken Carman Show, went back and forth on this and insulted Parkins.

“He wanted to come on the regular show? Is there a guy driving down 480 now who wants to hear about Division III basketball?” Carman said, according to Barrett Sports Media. “He shouldn’t take it as some sort of slight about the podcast. That’s where we can get a bit wonkier and do a deep dive. He should be happy that he is on the podcast.”

He certainly felt otherwise.

“These guys are such frauds,” he said via BSM. “And I love their show; they’re both really good.”

The Chicago radio host claimed the two discussed going on the actual show and not the podcast. “I was pissed that I was on a podcast and not a radio show,” Parkins said. “…I’m doing 32 minutes on a podcast. It’s ridiculous.”

Knowing how the radio game goes, don’t be surprised if Carman and Lima respond.

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