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Charles Barkley doesn’t mind watching sports, especially when he’s getting paid to do so, but good luck convincing him to listen on the radio.

On the latest episode of The Steam Room, Barkley’s podcast with Ernie Johnson, they interviewed NHL on TNT studio analyst Paul Bissonnette. During the podcast, Bissonnette said his first foray into media after his playing career ended came with the Arizona Coyotes on radio, prompting Barkley to share how “stupid” he thinks listening to a game is.

“I would never listen to any sport on the radio,” Barkley bluntly stated. “I would never turn on the radio and listen to the game. I think that’s the stupidest thing in the world.”

The comment stunned Johnson, who couldn’t fathom why his Inside the NBA co-host wouldn’t occasionally listen to a sporting event on the radio. After being accused of embellishing his hot take, Barkley reiterated that he never would and never has listened to a game on the radio.

“I’m a visual person when it comes to sports,” Barkley continued. “I just wouldn’t want to listen to it on the radio…I got a TV, it’s a new thing. Flat screen.”

Don’t listen to sports on the radio, but also, don’t forget to listen, rate and subscribe to Barkley talking about sports on his podcast. Barkley even vowed that he wouldn’t have listened to the late Vin Scully on radio if given the opportunity.

For a lot of fans, watching sports in-person or on TV is their preferred way of consuming a game. But many still enjoy listening to their local broadcasters on radio, even when presented with the ability to watch a game. Just don’t put Barkley in with that latter group, who only chooses to watch a game. Although there are times when Barkley has encouraged fans not to watch games either.

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