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Brett Favre remains a franchise icon for the Green Bay Packers, which makes news that he’s committing to a weekly half-hour radio appearance fairly big.

Favre will join Jen, Gabe, and Chewy on ESPN Milwaukee every Monday morning for a look back at the NFL weekend.

This is likely a huge boon for the ESPN Milwaukee show, hosted by Jen Lada, Gabe Neitzel, and former Favre teammate Mark Chmura. It’s hard to guess where Favre’s standing is with national NFL fans at this point; the narrative seemed to shift to being tired of him by the end of his career, which had about as many false endings as The Batman.

Chris Foran notes in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the Favre segments will be replayed across other affiliated networks, as well:

Good Karma said the Favre interviews will be replayed on other ESPN Wisconsin shows; news-talk stations WTMJ-AM (620) and The Truth at 101.7 FM; and Good Karma’s digital platforms.

Locally, the prospect of hearing Favre discussing the current team’s performances is presumably still a pretty solid draw. For neutrals (or anti-Packers fans), though, the prospect of Aaron Rodgers having a tough game and Favre analyzing it on-air the next day does present a few opportunities for quality schadenfreude.

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