Boston sports radio host Tony Massarotti Credit: 98.5 The Sports Hub

The New England Patriots have started the 2023 NFL season 0-2, the first time they’ve done so since 2001.

While some Boston fans see that as a sign that Super Bowl history is about to repeat itself, local sports radio host Tony Massarotti does not share their optimism.

In fact, the oft-outspoken and controversial co-host of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Felger & Mazz Show doesn’t just think it’s time for the Bill Belichick era to finally end, he thinks it needs to end right this very minute.

During a segment on Tuesday’s program, Mazz was asked if he thought any current coach deserved to be fired “right now” after two weeks of the NFL season. He only had one coach in mind.

“Bill Belichick,” Massarotti boasted, adding that he would want it done “right now!”

“Why are you surprised, I said I would fire him three years ago. Out. Bye. Done. See you later. It should have already happened,” he said.

The members of the show then debated when, exactly, Belichick should have been fired. They mostly appeared to be in agreement that owner Robert Kraft should have sided with Tom Brady and fired Belichick instead of letting the Hall of Fame quarterback leave town. If not then, the Cam Newton situation warranted it in their eyes (though to be fair they were never fans to begin with). And if not then, they agreed that it should have happened last year.

While most of that is hindsight conjecture, the radio host remained adamant that Belichick should not still be roaming the sidelines in Foxborough.

“I’ll even build in a cushion because Bill is Bill,” added Massarotti. “Last year was a fireable offense.”

While the idea of the Patriots parting ways with Belichick, who has been their head coach since 2000, might seem unthinkable, it’s not hard to imagine there is a decent contingent of New England fans who would agree with Massarotti. While his Patriots have won 17 AFC East titles, they haven’t done so since 2019. And while his Patriots have been to nine Super Bowls, winning six of them, they haven’t been there since 2018. Since 2020, New England has been 25-27, and it doesn’t appear that this season will be the one to get them back on track.

Massarotti is unlikely to get his wish for the time being, but depending on how things shake out this season, he might just get it sooner rather than later.

[James Stewart, 98.5 The Sports Hub]

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