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Boomer Esiason once again came to the defense of Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy on Thursday. Esiason called the details from Portnoy’s recorded phone conversation with a Washington Post reporter an “absolute, obvious” example of what Esiason called “cancel culture syndrome.”

The incident arose when WaPo food reporter Emily Heil allegedly sent emails to pizza chains partnering with Portnoy on an event, which Portnoy took issue with. Portnoy recorded their phone conversation and posted it to X, formerly known as Twitter.

Esiason came in hot to take Portnoy’s side, despite Portnoy going relatively easy on the story compared with some past blow-ups.

“The real question is do you think Dave Portnoy has ever called somebody who’s advertising within the Washington Post and says, ‘do you know what these people are doing behind the backs of everyone else?'” Esiason posited. “It’s a one-way street.’

According to Esiason, this story is about to be “all over the place” on conservative talk shows.

“This is basically proof positive of what the woke aspect of this world is all about, right there,” Esiason said.

Since the initial call was posted, Portnoy said Heil canceled the 10 a.m. interview they scheduled while on the phone. He joined Barstool Radio to discuss the incident. But beyond that, he largely left it alone.

Seemingly no sponsors have dropped out of One Bite Fest, the pizza event Portnoy and Barstool are hosting in Brooklyn this month.

And yet Esiason is quite alarmed by what he views as improper journalism. Heil likely made a mistake being so pointed with her emails to sponsors. It’s easy to see how that could come across as an attack on Portnoy. Even if it has merit.

But did Esiason explain that? No.

Like many criticisms of wokeness in the media, there is no explanation. Listeners are expected to fill in the gaps on their own. The mere presence of a disagreement between an institution and a conservative person is evidence of an issue.

It’s hard to tell whether Esiason even knows what he’s mad at.

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